“When it comes to your security, the word itself
says it all:
In other words, your safety is up to you.

When facing an enraged attacker, you will be responsible for your own safety in those first few, precious seconds.

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Guardian Safety & Security Solutions LLC

About Us

About Guardian Safety & Security Solutions, LLC

Guardian Safety and Security Solutions is a locally owned, small business that provides training and tools for personal defense and protection.

In the classes offered, students learn from a former police officer how criminals think and select targets, how to evaluate threats, exercises to improve awareness skills, tactics to control the physical response to danger and less-than-lethal defense tactics.

Students also learn how to defend themselves in cases that do not require the use of deadly force, as well as when and how to properly use a firearm.

About Curtis M. La Haise

“My passion is teaching how to survive in extreme situations - because people deserve to be safe.” 

Curt formed Guardian Safety and Security Solutions to provide education and practical personal safety and security solutions in response to the violence and uncertainty that continue to find their way into our communities and lives.

As a “lifelong learner,” Curt enjoys researching safety issues, taking classes in security techniques and training in the latest practices.   Curt is a 15-year law enforcement veteran, a certified Security Specialist and a certified Crime Prevention Practitioner. As a police officer, Curt worked patrol, gang investigations and crime prevention. He received the Distinguished Service Award from the San Bernardino County, CA Sheriff’s Department.  

Curt also has served as a volunteer firefighter, EMT and fire prevention educator. He was recognized by Dane County, WI Emergency Medical Services for saving an individual using early resuscitation. He has taught CPR and First Aid, and is certified in CPR, First Aid and AED.

In his spare time, Curt likes to spend time with his wife and dogs; travelling, grilling and eating barbeque, and target shooting.

For information on equipment sales, classes and rates, contact Curt La Haise
Call 608-225-8287 or email guardianonline@charter.net
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